Jan 25


Welcome to procrasti-nation
Get here by our new train station
The cars are always running late
But that's simply regulation

Listen to my swell narration
Feel your heart bounce with elation
As you near your truest home
Where all hearts are beyond inflation

Here you will find no damnnation
In just avoiding your own frustration
In fact the surgeons here have often
Gone out for drinks during operation

In fact, avoiding's our foundation
And that's why there's such a large migration
Of business men and fancy gals
Who come here to find salvation

Every day is a vacation
Our leaders swim in adoration
Well, they don't really swim, of course
More use devices of flotation

There's never been an altercation
A boast, a brag, an allegation
Everyone's too busy being dozy 
For any evil calculation

The only reason for confiscation
Would be to do a demonstration
Of working well or trying hard
Anything requiring concentration

But if, above all, you detest creation
And wouldn't mind the annihilation
Of "duty" and "a moral reason"
You're welcome in procrasti-nation