Jan 26

Shattered but Whole

Her heart was stolen and he returned it broken and shattered 
When his wasn’t the least bit battered 
She cried for a while 
She felt like she’d never smile 
Her tears dried up
And the rain let up
And she picked up the pieces 
And put the creases 
Back together one by one 
Until she was done
And got back up again 
If one of the pieces would break 
She’d shake with the crushing weight 
Of sadness and loss
But she always put the piece back across 
Though some pieces are still missing 
She is still reminiscing 
About the way, things used to be 
She is waiting for someone to come 
To see who she had become 
Who can hold the broken pieces together for her
So she can be sure
They won’t break again 
Some pieces are still missing
But she is whole