Jan 27
nonfiction challenge: Lifeline
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A Love Letter to Trees and a Wake-up Call From Trees

We, Humans, have something to say to you, Trees:
Dear Trees,

Thank you

Thank you for providing us with oxygen, fruit, a hug from time to time

Thank you for standing strong and mighty, providing a sense of stability

Thank you for letting us climb your sturdy branches

Thank you for ending our seasonal depression come spring

Thank you for shedding your vibrant fall leaves

Thank you for holding wildlife in your leafy arms

Thank you for singing in the wind

Thank you for holding a tire swing

Thank you for being the creator of the leaves in our leaf piles

Thank you for growing old

Thank you for being you, Trees

Now, we Trees have something to say to you, Humans:
Dear Humans,

No thank you

No thank you for ravaging the Amazon Rainforest

No thank you for clearing the Tongass National Forest of our ancestors who stood there strong for centuries

No thank you for thinking you can do this whole earth survival thing on your own

No thank you for prioritizing cattle ranches over us

No thank you for being disgustingly selfish

No thank you for letting us burn alive

No thank you for mistaking the trunks of power lines as the trunks of us

No thank you for acting like O’ Hare from the Lorax

No thank you for ignoring the raging climate crisis

No thank you for robbing us from Indigenous Peoples

No thank you for being you, Humans


That's all we have to say.

Why don’t we start treating global warming as our top priority?

Why don’t we consider the consequences generations to come will suffer because of our actions? 

Why don’t we start caring?

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