Jan 27
opinion challenge: Sixth
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The Ability to See True Internal Emotion

Us humans have five original senses; taste, sight, touch, hearing and taste. These senses are pretty great and help us live our lives every day but what if we just had one more. If I could add just one more sense to the five I already have I would add the ability to see internal emotion. Most people have had an instance where they ask someone if they are ok and they say yes without actually being ok. Imagine if you could see straight past their fake emotions to how they really internally feel. Some people seem to already have this sixth sense but even they can be deceived. I have had personal experiences where I have to pry these internal feelings out of people to make sure they are telling me how they really feel. This can cause pain for both people. The person doing the prying can find out that this person has felt this way for a long time making them feel like they weren’t doing their job as a friend. This can also hurt the person with the internal emotions because it can be very painful to admit your true feelings to people. This situation can commonly happen in therapy and in the end mostly helps but a lot of pain is needed to get to that end goal. Having this sixth sense of being able to see true internal emotion would eliminate the need for all of this pain. People would no longer have the ability to lie to one another, making us an honest society. This would also save many lives by not allowing people suffering from mental illnesses or suicidal thoughts hide their pain and emotions. This sixth sense could help everyone and bring us closer together. A sixth sense I would want is the ability to see true internal emotion.
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