Jan 31
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Amber eyes
meet deep, stunning brown

I’ve never noticed
looked like
crackling embers
falling down

like rich, warm honey
falling through the cracks;
autumn leaves
stopping me in my tracks;

darling, the sun always sets,
And life isn’t a fairytale;

Run from the arrows,
Lean over storied castle parapets,

But these are the dreams
From which we wake up falling

When we lean too far
Into the Magic’s calling

Loving you isn’t easy—
It’s crawling backwards, retracing steps,
Trying to find where I went so wrong,
When I became so weak,
As to let myself fall into the depths
Of those amber eyes

Breathtakingly still
As deep, honey-toned resin seals my fate

Because oh, I don’t remember deciding to love you,
But somehow your ignorance won’t let me go,

So I stand here, transfixed, on my castle tower;
The arrows are flying—

And for some inexplicable reason I lean out
towards open

I can never have the crown,
So let them come.