Jan 31

fever dreams

we scream in our sleep 
until our lungs are thin
and decaying, the only 
things keeping you from hearing
me are the paper thin walls i have built
around me.

every night, i close my eyes,
hold you hand and let the purple
light wash over our rotting bodies, 
awakening us from a restless

we float around and
laugh  until we cry, tears like
silver on our tanning faces, summer
lingering in our eyes.

my feet touch the ground
but i jump, and so you follow,
our bodies tangled on the floor-
a mess of broken glass.

when the light hits us
just right, we are 

so in our glory, we dance on
the moon, rays of sunlight burning 
us to the bone until our skeletons
drift through the milky nothingness.

when i open my eyes, my bed
is cold and the world is dark again.