Feb 07

anything like you were

My dear old friend
It seems as though you've lost touch of who you are
So please, allow me to remind you

You never jump at loud noises
And you scold those who do
(Me, for example)

You opinions on matters seldem stay the same
For greater than a day
Yet it is almost always obvious
What you are going to say

For strong headed and assertive
When the situation doesn't call
And quiet and wary
When voices are needed
A born leader
In charge, or there not at all

Polite to your face
Speaks your truth behind their back
Beyond that curtain of secrets and lies
Behold whispers of sincerity
Lips curling over teeth in a smile
Real, never brought out in public 
I reckon myself lucky to have seen it so offten

Careful not to let too much out
Not to be real when hiding behind fake smiles is so much easier
That is a trait I've picked up while you're gone

Perfect girl, practiced lines, clever and kind
Clumsy, though in body, not in mind 
And certianly not in speech
Think you're lying?

See the eyes
Holding souls
And years of knowledge 
A forest of magic at twilight
Leafy green tops of trees
Surrounded by shadows 
And cover of night

Your least favorite time
Going outside, you would never
And caution me not to as well
Why go outdoors when whole worlds are alive 
No further than an arms reach away

Still, the sun shining down on the honey speckled leaves
Painted flaming with the waning on the year
That above all was your favorite of times
And If you are anything like you were
You must still love it 

And, old friend -

If you are anything like you were 
You miss us but will never let me know it
And If you are anything like you were 
You need more than I can give
And you long for me anyway

Wanting what you cannot have
And searching ever for it
Those are both things that I taught you
Though you will never let me know it

And If you know anything about me you'll realize

Every day
I must restrain myself
From telling you I see you
I see you and I know you
And If you are anything like you were
I still love you