Feb 13
poem challenge: Love Poem
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we always walk by the river,
our favorite spot. but this time
i had wanted to tell you something,

some revelation about you.
but it seems i’d lost it,
lost in the tumult of my mind.

i bend down to the cresting water
to see some other person,
to break the awkward silence.

maybe he could tell me
whatever yesterdays 
revelation was.

You know,

they say those who stare
into their own face in the water
only care for themselves.

i know,

but it is not my hair, 
nor smile, nor subtle complexion
to which my eyes are drawn.

it is you

bending over next to me 
eyes ablaze with the morning,
shining passion across your face.

your flowing locks of sunshine hair
billow like the deluge
from a waterfall of gold.

their ends grazing 
the glassy world to which
i would give myself willingly

to forever glimpse your buttercup
dress. heralded by the rising sun
peaking over your brow,

helios adorns you with a radiant crown.
as if confirming my suspicions 
of your divinity.

Ah that's what it was!
your eye and the morning sun
are only different by a hair