Feb 15
poem challenge: Lifeline
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The Oak Tree


This morning I was awoken by an oak tree cracking in the wind. 
The oak tree stood its ground while other trees were falling all around, as if to say,  
“My roots dig deep into the ground so if the wind makes me shake I will still be awake. “
The tree was swaying and twisting all around but never broke because of its worth. 
I went outside to stand with this oak tree and show my appreciation. 
That was when I realized how big this oak tree really was and that it has been here for a long time.
This tree has not only stood here for a long time but it has also helped make the air clean and make shelter for many animals.   
I looked at the tree and smiled with appreciation, as if to say,
“ Thank you for everything you have done for me. I used to  look at trees as nothing more than a tree. I now know how important they are not just to me but to this earth.“ 
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