Feb 26
poem challenge: Library
wings of fire's picture

The Dream Library

Every wall is full.
Comic books are everywhere.
No science books in sight.

Huge windows and a skylight
With the twitter of a bird not so far away.
Potted plants all over the room.

A small zen pool in one corner.
Huge soft sinky couches.
No non fiction novels or books.

Comics everywhere.
Not the one that you would find in the newspaper.
Only X-men, Avengers and every other Marvel comic book.

Every time you finish a comic book another one appears.
Everything of course is puppy proof.
So that the little black and white puppy can play too.

Maybe there is a door that leads into a forest.
A forest with a gushing river.
For a break away from the books.

Inside the library is a bubble tea maker.
So you can slurp down bubble tea while reading.
Maybe with a bag of potato chips.