Feb 27

School Shivers

"Middle School"
The words make me shiver.
Not just Middle School but any year of School.
Thinking of all the things that might happen.
The Change.
The Stress.
The Anxiety.
The Worries.
The Standing in front of the class.
The Reading out loud.
The Self-consciousness of your outfit.
Of your Looks.
Of your Personality.
The Bullies.
Everything on top of everything.
But there is something a wise little bird once told me.
It's okay to be nervous, scared, and self-conscious.
But all you need to do is go out there and be the best you, you can be.
Don't try and please others with how you have to look for them.
Or even be for them.
Be yourself.
But try and remember that at some point in life your going to have to do things that are scary for you.
But that's okay!
Just give it your best.
As long as you gave it your best you got nothing to lose.
Make it the best year(s) of School.