Mar 02
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I am the annoying weed that sticks out through the pavement,
that messes up perfectly paved sidewalks,
and makes you trip when you are not looking down.
I am pretty-
daffodils and dandelions and appealing and funny.
I am ugly-
sharp and needy and invasive and brash.
I can grow and grow and destroy.
I was there when they first poured the concrete,
and I felt like I was suffocating underneath,
like I couldn't breathe.
I will be there when it cracks and there is nothing left,
when the man-made substance finally falls.
I am here now,
And when I have grown enough,
I will realize that I never needed those sidewalks,
that they were pushing me down,
that I was never wanted.
That I am better off without them,
and I finally cracked the surface,
and I am free now,
and I am beautiful because of it.

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