Mar 03
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The Power of Stupid People

To all those who suffer,

Sometimes, people can be jerks. As I mind my own buisness, there always has to be that one kid who walks up to me and insults me in hopes of getting my attention. Unfortunately for him, I don't really pay attention. But just because I dont respond, it aggrivates them, making them do it even more frequently. I have countless experiences with these kids, who just don't know when to stop. Bullying, using foul langauge, making fun of others, etc. These are all common traits in all these kids. But I also thank them for one reason. They taught me the power of stupid people, and the power of words. They taught me how to ignore, and how to stand up for myself. Its experiences like these that help you cope and adapt to the corrupt age of today. So If you even encounter idiots like I do, don't overreact, and don't freak out. Be calm, and let them dig their own grave.


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