Mar 03
poem challenge: Metaphorical
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Forever Tainted

The blood paints my leg as it runs down to the drain

While I scrape him away.

A beautiful tide of red mixes into the water until it fades to clear.

The stains of his hands are an imprint on my body.

Every wrinkle, every fingerprint, is clearly defined on my skin.

I try and try to get them off of me.

The water sears into every cell on my body.


His smell sits in my nose.

His flavor tramples my tongue. 

Every breath is filled by him.

But he’s so thick I can only take shallow inhales.

I can’t get away. 

My mind races and my body repulses at the thought of it all.

I got too comfortable too quickly. 

Believed him too soon. 

He demolished my walls,

I thought I was letting him in,

But his words found the cracks in the dam on their own. 

Crashing it all down.

Pushing through and leaving only rubble behind.

Like a speeding car, he was gone as fast as he came. 

Leaving me behind in his trail of exhaust. 

The taste of it clouding my mind.

The stains of his hands are an imprint on my body.

Once pure, now forever tainted.

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