Mar 08
fiction challenge: Script
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Being Forgotten

“Hi, I'm Mini Yellow Dump Truck but call me Hank. What's your story? Hank asked. 

“Hi, I’m Stuffed Toy but call me Gloom. I used to be my kid’s favorite toy and she brought me everywhere. She would talk about how soft my pink fur was and how glorious  it was. I loved her,” Gloom replied.

“What's your story?” Hank asked.

“Well, we came here on vacation and she set me down to go swimming. She got out of the water and picked me up and brought me into the water with her. When she was done swimming, she set me out to dry. I was forgotten by her.What’s your story?” Gloom asked. 

“Pip Seeker, come here. There is a new toy,” Hank commanded.

“NO!” Pip Seeker yelled. 

“YES!” Hank yelled back.





“YES!” Hank demanded and the fight was over.
 “Hi Pip Seeker. Who is that?” Gloom asked.

“This lady is taking us all home. She is also looking for a stuffed toy called Gloom,” he replied.

“I’m Gloom. You didn’t forget me, did you?” Gloom said really excited.

“Of course not!” the lady replied.

“I’m so happy!” we all said at the same time.

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