Mar 08
fiction challenge: Monster
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The Shy Monster

I'm Eric, the orange twelve legged monster with five horns on my head and this is my story. So, I was just minding my own business under my bed when I heard some thumping and clumping. Then this small beast with two legs, two arms, two horns and only a little fur came into my room and set a brown cube on the floor with a bunch of nicknacks in it. Then he brought another one in the room and then another and then another and then another. I was fascinated by the creature and its things but also scared.

 After a while of moving cubes around, he shut off my light and I do not like the dark. I couldn't sleep at all. I was too worried about the lights and this scary creature. So I snuck out of the room and hid under my couch in the living room and there were two more beasts but WAY bigger. But at least the lights were on and there were more of these cubes (I learned that these cubes are called boxes) and they were everywhere.

The next day I came up with a plan to scare the creatures away. I would make myself look bigger than them. So I got some tape and boxes and I made twelve stilts. I then put some roller blades on the bottoms of the stilts. I put a rat in one of the boxes to distract the creatures. The one with long fur started making a high pitch noise and then the big one with little fur smacked at the rat with a stick. I quickly dashed past the creatures and went into the basement.

I turned up the heat in my room and I came back up the stairs. The little beast said it was hot in his room, so he slept on the couch. As soon as they went to bed I made traps everywhere. In the morning, everything went as planned. They all got scared and ran into the basement and  then I jumped out while screaming at them. The two big ones ran away but the little one just stood there. Then he started coming closer to me.

He started to open his arms up wide and  I thought he was gonna attack but instead he hugged me. After that event, we learned two get along. I lived in my room and he lived in his new one. His parents were still scared of me but they learned to deal with it.

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