Mar 11
fiction challenge: Escape
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Between the pages

A girl scales down the pages of various novels
And finds comfort in each world she plummets into,
To find solace in between the crinkly pages,
And meet characters who are thoroughly flawed, 
To experience the triumphs, the sorrows, the thrill-inducing adventures that leave her on the edge of her seat.
And if there was a chance to wipe her memory slate clean in order to experience everything again, she would take that chance, 
To once again feel the wind tussle her hair as she stands atop the snowy peaks towering in the backdrop of Velaris, the city of dreams and starlight, 
To wander down the cobblestone streets of the Ballenger’s territory
Where the busiest trade of the continent occurs with businesses of all sorts — assassins, trade, knowledge — taking place in dark alleyways or furnished taverns, 
To chase down vigilantes making a dash through the numerous avenues of Crescent City, the city that never sleeps as long as one doesn’t turn off the light, 
To weep with her closest companions and laugh wholeheartedly with others,
And then to feel an ache in her heart when the story comes to an end. 
But when her form of escapism is between the pages of a good novel,
She supposes that’s the price she’s willing to pay,
Knowing that it will all come to an end.
The characters,
The world,
The comfort,
Will all have to remain within the bindings and tucked into an alcove 
Until the next adventure must begin. 
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