Mar 13

My Death Bed

I fear that after I have clocked out my last time
and rest my sunken eyes and watch the colors fade;
that it is not Gabriel greeting me at heavens golden gates;
but the frost that devours my soul and chains my body down
with anchors and drowns me in hells sin-infested waters.

My purest love, you are bound for the greenest of grassy hills
that are rife with feelings of childlike innocence; you are 
gifted a cinema with all of life's greatest memories. 
My darling, you need not fret of where your mind is taken,
heaven is granted to only the most beautiful of women.

Our vows were right when the pastor muttered death do we part.
I have done unspeakable things to those unworthy of such;
You are of mercy and grace, made for the spotlight yet too modest.
I will listen as you sing that we will be together after we have passed.
I will listen when you promise there will be nothing more once it has been done.