Mar 15
fiction challenge: Friendship
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Friends can be both delight and pain at the same time. Being friends with someone brings good and bad memories and no relationship with anyone can be all good and all bad. Now there are some exceptions in life where someone causes you a lot of pain on purpose or a lot of delight in life. 

The side of life where friends bring delight is in all the fun happy activities you guys do together. It's the long summer nights you spend with each other looking up at starry skies or early summer mornings at the beach walking in the soft sand. Friends are a good part of your life when they can be there for you when you need them, they are there when you have no one else to talk to. They are there helping you through difficult times and hard decisions you’ll have to make in the future. Friends bring a lot of joy and happiness especially when they are honest with you and genuinely care about you and want to spend time with you. Through all of these things friends bring delight. 

    On the flip side of friendship, friends can bring pain to your life. The majority of people have experienced horrible people who have used them for personal gains. These people are friends with you to get something out of you. Some examples of this are friends you have at school that only talk to you so they can cheat off of your work, people who talk to you so they can find out information about you or someone else that they can use against you. These so-called friends make you worn out and frustrated with things. Most of the time they tend to quit tripping you as well, making you feel bad about doing anything to get away from them. These are the “friends” that bring pain to your life and in many situations hold you back from great things in life. 
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