Mar 18
fiction challenge: Friendship
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Delightfully Painful Imprints

Friends have allowed me the opportunity to relish in happiness.
Knowing there are people I can turn towards for a brief intervention between reality and myself.
They are also the ones that will straighten my spine and push me outside the boundaries I’ve encircled myself within. 
They’re the little stars that shine when the darkness creeps in,
And they are the ones that braze boldenely to capture your attention,
Encompassing you into a trance that can make one forget the explicit darkness that encircles behind them.
To know you’re so deeply imbedded into their lives as they are to yours
Makes that connection infinitely beautiful.
The universe has aligned an individual such as yourself to come in the way of others,
To pull that cord tighter until greetings are exchanged, 
Then small talk,
And deep conversations,
And endless laughter prolonging itself to the earliest hours of dawn.
Yet certain friends we come across can elicit pain to our wellbeing with our consciousness refusing to acknowledge the mishap.
Each individual that had or currently carries the label of “friend”, gives us a lesson that we must decipher.
Is this relationship beneficial or detrimental?
The saying that friends come and go is a statement that can be hard to digest for some.
We cannot fathom how such intimate connections that live in the past, transform to ugliness that resides in the present.
Some friends have wisped away between our grasp 
And it’s up to us to decide if their presence still has a place in the future.
Others have made that decision for us, leading certain relationships back to square one.
Where we are now strangers again,
But with fond memories. 
And because friendships don’t have to be permanent,
They can be just as painful as they are a delight. 

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