Mar 25

School Days

Okay, okay, okay,

Hear me out.

We come into school five days a week,

Stay for seven hours,

Get at least five subjects crammed into our limited sized brains,

Get not even twenty minutes of ‘freedom’,

Where we can’t even take out our phones for fear of them getting taken away.




Take three tests a week, 

Write an essay every month,

Forty minutes a day for “catching up”

But they simply give us even more work to do.

No time, 

No time,

Gotta figure out how to make this rhyme,

Turn the pressure up higher, higher

Yet they wonder why our self esteem is so low!

Telling us to do our best,

Ignoring our pleas for an extension,

Or any common sense of time management,


“I could do this in a day!”

Wonder why we are so exhausted.

Whoops got my chromebook taken away since I was playing a game to relieve my stress,

Calm down…