Mar 26

Why not?

By Ashleigh Provost, 17, Hinesburg, VT
Honorable Mention

Call me a tree hugger,
A hippie, a snowflake.
Tell me I'm exaggerating,
That "trees can't feel."

See my sorrowful gaze
Fall across open fields 
Once graced with exponential growth,
Replaced with soild cold tarmac.

Ask me why I care, 
Why it matters.
I'd admit, I have no convenient scientific answer.
Is that the only thing that would settle your discontent?

Have you ever felt the embrace of a tree?
Ever felt the despair from the life with no voice?

I'll ask you, 
Why don't you care?
As if you do not rest upon Mother Earth's creation,
As if you do not breathe the air from her children.

You may ask me what I gain from caring. 
What do you gain by not?

[Art opposite page: Molly Silvia, 13, Shelburne, VT, "The Path We're On"]
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