Apr 04

The Clock Boy

Hours click
Into each other
Like gears always shifting 
And kookooclock concerns 
Popping out of the little window on my forehead 
At the top of every anxious moment 
As my insides swing 
Back and forth 
Vermilion secrets burning a hole in my stomach 
Counting every second until im free of this room
Reality is a fallacy 
To the mind 
That be confined
Within the depths of an imaginary clock
Maybe i am melting 
Painted plastered to a table edge 
Salvador dali style 
Dripping from the dying tree branch of my memory 
Who am i becomes lost in the monotony 
Of the omnipresent clocking clicking shifting 
Of my world moving against me
Rushing pushing pulsing 
Time is relative 
They tell me
Yet i feel it pulling me slowly 
Farther from the bright eyed boy who used to stare back at me
In the foggy glass 
Now he’s older 
In his world of shattered stars 
And scars upon his shoulder 
What must he endure 
To be free 
Of being a clock 
That tick tocks away 
Every moment of his life
Counting, until it is over.