Apr 04

Breathing bubbles

Isn't it lovely to walk upside-downs
And see all the smiles that were meant to be frowns?
Isn't it great to take yesses from nos,
To take roses from thorns,
To take closers from fros?

Isn't it lovely to breathe underwater,
To spend time in the cold and not freeze, but get hotter?
Isn't it swell to make fish out of plastic,
To hear waves out of thunder,
To hear nice from sarcastic?

Isn't it fun to never hear mocking,
To assume everything and not spend time just chalking?
Don't you just love seeing out of your ears,
To make pendants from teardrops,
Tiptoe around fears?

Isn't it great to never feel sad,
To never see pain, to never get mad?
Isn't it great to never have knew,
To live in the lovely,
To ignore the true?