Apr 05
poetry challenge: Five
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Long Way From Home

I watch as my spoon dips into the dregs of my cereal
I pretend I don’t hear them fighting in whispered voices in the other room
I watch as the milk mixes and swirls in the bottom of my bowl
I don’t want to know that they both don’t want to take me this weekend
I see the trees in the backyard sway in the morning breeze 
I am just a civilian caught in the crossfire of a war I want no part in
I let the cold hard counter top ground me
I  listen as angry whispers turn into hatful shouts
I watch as the world goes on even though I feel like I am forever stuck in place
I listen as the breaking of glass and the screams of anger are absorbed by the walls
I never wanted my metamorphosis to happen so soon I wanted to stay naive a little longer
I wish the neighbors still called the cops at least when that happened it still felt like somebody cared
I watch as a explosion of emotion comes up and chokes me from behind
I hear my seat creak as I get up
I leave my bowl of cereal on the counter, the milk spilling out onto the floor and the pieces of bowl left all over the table
I  just want the screaming to stops
I don’t want her
I don’t want her ethier 
I run out the door
I run and I run and I run until my feet are off the ground
I can’t hear the screaming anymore
I watch as the clouds go by 
I see world finally starting to move again
On the counter all that is left of me is a broken bowl, milk, and the words “ I will see you in the cosmos”