Apr 05
poetry challenge: Great Poets
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A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day   

Soft shadows reflect on the shady ground.

Mud sloshes towards the swimming pool of puddles

the inky soup stirs in the wind.

But still, the rain continues.

Thick water droplets hit the roof loudly

as a cloud of gray towers over. 

Leafy green trees sag with stress.

Flowers f




  to the ground unable to hold themselves up.

But still, the rain continues.

The howling wind blows around

making a tornado of leaves.

Small birds  d o d g e  past the incoming water

hiding in the small crevice in the dying willow tree.

But still, the rain continues. 

The mother bird hugs her young. 

Holding them like a nail. 




But then, the rain stops.

The bees, butterflies, and birds

come out into the moist air.

Plants slurp up the water

that was left sitting on the shivering ground.

The trees come out of their leaves.

Out of their H






Little buds pop out of the ground

Itty-bitty rays of sun peeking out

Green grass shimmers in the peaking glow

Hesitate for a moment

To see the beauty of it all

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