Apr 06
poem challenge: Five


you stared through milky glazed eyes
i could see millions of stars, a cosmos reflected behind your irises
what's up there?
how many?
and my favorite,
take me there
i would give anything to be able to, to let you float encapsulated in the pitch black, resist suffocation like the miracle you are
in space i wouldn't be able to hear the monitor's soulless empty sound
just your voice, hopeful as ever
i can't stand seeing you lift the same spoon every day and i know soon i won't have to
we'll live on the moon, you say
a small house, a smaller life
how quaint, how civilian
you always liked the word galaxy, trillions of atoms in three syllables
i would tell you not to bet on change, not to bet on chance, so you'd wish to
metamorphose and leave earth peacefully
About the Author: LeoDowney
-Leo Downey
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