Apr 08
fiction challenge: Five
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Chicken of the Cosmos vs Ordinary Cow

As the Chicken of the Cosmos shoots intergalactic MILK at killer spoon civilians, a black hole metamorphosizes into a crack in space time reality.  After the Chicken of the Cosmos defeats the killer spoon civilians, he walks through the crack and teleports to earth. The Chicken of the Cosmos finds himself in a cow pasture next to a Cow.

 “Hello strange earth creature” said the Chicken of the Cosmos. 

“Can you fly too?”

 “Moooooooooooo” said the Cow.

 “Hmmmmmmmmmm” thought the Chicken of the Cosmos. “This creature does not have much of a way with words.” 

“Mooo, moo, ,moo moo, moo oo” said the Cow. 

“It seems to be attempting to say something.” says the Chicken of the Cosmos. “I'll put it through my translator.” The translator reads out, “You will soon fall to my hooves!” The last thing the Chicken of the Cosmos sees is a pair of hooves racing toward his face…… 

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