Apr 08
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The Great Rebirth (Part 1)

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here, huh? Well, life is good for me, and I hope it is for you, too. Atleast covid has mostly blown over, anyway. This isn't a rant, though- I've been working on a story and some feedback would be nice, for how it's gone so far, anyways. Thanks! -Kayden

    10 people sat around an oval table, most of them being older with white hair. 8 of them were men- only 2 of them were women. 

    “The Great Rebirth is coming. We only have 200 more years to solve it. Do any of you have ideas?” Archmage Unal asked slowly.

    “This isn't my forte. I don't entirely understand why I had to come here,” Great Warrior Thurell snorted, one of the 2 females at the meeting.

    “Even I had to come, Thurell. It's only fair you do, too,” Potion Master Gryant chuckled, before glancing at Unal. “We aren’t spellcasters. It's not exactly suitable for us to discuss this,”

    Unal slowly looked at them both, before frowning. “I did not become the  Archmage through stupidity. I am not talking about magic, so let me help you morons understand. We need to speed up the study of The Great Rebirth. Is. That. Easier. For you all. To understand?”  Unal asked irritably.

    Thurell shook her head. “Regardless, while the others should come, why me? You know I'm known for being simple and violent. I've always had an animal-like instinct, thinking just isn't my strong suit,”

    “Enough. It doesn’t matter. The Great Rebirth takes priority. If you have no thoughts on it, stay silent,”

    Thurell, Unal, and Gryant glanced at the one who spoke. It was the oldest member in the meeting- Grand illusionist Ryonel. Out of their extreme level of respect for him, no one spoke for a while- after living for so many years, the patience of the Elders had reached extremely high levels.

“What if we transformed technological worlds to magic? 200 years will be enough time for them to gain substantial knowledge, and maybe someone there will figure out something we can’t,” Thurell suddenly said.

Gryant glanced at Thurell and frowned.

“What?” Thurell frowned back.

“I'm surprised you actually came up with a decent idea…” Gryant responded, his frown turning into a small smirk.

Unal sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Alright. I was thinking of the same idea. But I don't think we should just change their current fates. We should changed their past fates too,”

Gryant glanced sharply at Unal. “Time is a forbidden magic. Are you sure that's the best route we can take?”

Unal closed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. “Yes. 200 years wouldn't be enough time for any world to advance in magic the amount we need. I do not want to do it, but the fate of all worlds is dependent on solving The Great Rebirth, and with technological worlds having no way to study The Great Rebirth...We have no choice,”

“I agree with Archmage Unal. We must do whatever it takes to solve The Great Rebirth,” Ryonel said, before closing his eyes, retreating to his own mind.

“Well, we need to find some suitable worlds, then,” Unal muttered, in an almost depressed state, due to the usage of forbidden magic.

It was discussed for hours which worlds they should carry out the transformation upon, and a final list was approved.

Velheim, Fargoth, The Yensern, Hybath…

And The Universe- the world containing Earth.
Unal slowly walked in front of a magical projection in the shape of a human and kneeled in front of it.

“I am sorry, for I have failed you, Master. I have broken the greatest rule you gave me- to never use the forbidden magics. But I must, to solve the greatest calamity,” 

He looked up at the face of the projection, and closed his eyes.

“But some part of me is warning me not to do this...that I might awaken something greater and darker...and worse than even The Great Rebirth” He whispered before sighing. “But I have to do this. For the people that believe we will.”

Unal walked to the door and looked back one last time.

“Even if it ends up destroying us…”


    I continue running forward as I see my prey in front of me: a deer. I begin to slowly breathe despite my physical excursion, and I lift the spear in my right hand. I wait as we run, and I observe the deer. It’s almost like time slows down in the moments before the deer slips on a small rock. My eyes shine as I chuck the spear, numbers and lines flying across my vision, and I hear the scream of the deer just before it dies, my spear piercing its neck. 

    I slow down and sit next to the body of the deer to regain some energy as the piercing headache slams into me. It feels like needles driving into my brain- almost like it’s getting repelled by the very world around me. 

    I don’t know what those numbers I see are. While some of them I recognize from my school, the rest of it…words come into my head for what they are. Quadratics, graphs, trigonometry…I’ve asked my teachers about it, and they have no idea. They laugh it off as things I made up, but they work. I can tell, because it's what has given me my abilities. When I focus, I gain insight into calculations far beyond what other people know- whether it’s shooting a bow, throwing a spear, or even telling the size of things and places. But it comes at the cost of pain, the length and strength of which are decided by the calculations' complexity and length. The longer I stay focused, the more it hurts me.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Ryaku, and I am a commoner who lives in a town on the border between the elf's kingdom and the human empire. Due to a deal made with the elves, we do not hunt on the elf's side of the border, only the humans. Within our town, as you can probably guess, live both humans and elves. We get along pretty well in our small village, unlike the relationship between the 2 kingdoms. The reason our village is still standing is due to our village birthing a multitude of extremely talented blacksmiths, who are still in the village. It’s like this- if the Human Empire is considered black and the Elf Kingdom is white, then our village is grey- neither side owns us, and yet both sides protect us.

Well, that’s enough of that, I suppose. I get up, with my breathing back to normal, and I crouch down to pick up the deer, throwing it over my shoulder. That’s dinner for the next couple of nights. Oh, yeah- I forgot to mention. I am 13 years old and am an orphan, who lives in a war-torn area. Even when compared to the other kids in my village, I am considered mature. I gained muscles pretty quickly and learned how to fight instinctually. I don’t know any actual techniques or styles but am still considered quite the prodigy in my village.

Not that I care. I hate socializing. I dislike people in general, to be honest. But alas…

I see the village come into view, just after going over a small hill, and I smile slightly. It's home, after all, and it’s not like I can come to dislike everyone there, and the memories I made.

But then dark clouds, filled with lightning and thunder began pouring rain over the village. The whole world had become dark with the howling of wolves that echoed with the roaring winds. 

My smile fades, and a certain coldness takes over my eyes. It was once my home, atleast. But it’s not anymore. Not since…that incident.

The clouds quickly fade, and the winds calm down as I smile, whistling as I walk towards my home, the deer still over my shoulder, all remnants of my previous coldness gone.