Apr 10
poetry challenge: Mountain
DewDrop27's picture

Listen as Everest speaks

Oh, why must my bitter cold soul devour my box of warmth, 
my murderous, snow-white hair pointing north?
The hikers that dare set foot on my icy ridges,
they shall burn you like scolding, lava-like bridges.
The cold attacks every crevice you leave open.
I shall rob you of your golden oxygen and I shall turn you broken.
Standing ever so still, your limbs shall freeze.
My heartlessness is a common and deadly disease,
but I do have my days full of kindness and fun.
At times I will allow my fellow hikers to be scorched by the sun,
but please don't be foolish and cause a disruption
or you shall be forcefully tortured and end in destruction.
I've been around for about sixty million years.
I watch the lives of nature painfully disappear.
I speak for every mountain and I shall say
be careful of what you touch, 
think of the price you are willing to pay.