Apr 13

What I see

The room is shaking for no reason at all

I stare at my phone

A glimpse

Of desperation 

Encountering the devil on the other side of the wall

The other side of humanity
They take my life just like they accuse me of taking 

Someone else’s

They tell me to “shut up” and, “keep quiet”

But why should I obey you when all you do is make the world

A dark dungeon for those who wish to burn as bright as a star

Like a magnificent phoenix high above

Burning as bright

As the moon
What can I see in the mirror

Staring back at me is a circle

A circle that has the same emotions as any other circle in the 

Whole world of squares 
I discharge off my oceans at the sight of your fire

Your explosions can never touch those who

I love

I will make sure of that
You’re staring at the other side

You are calling in pain

Because you see everything

The tides, the mountains

And then the grief darkens
But the love in our world can save us