Apr 13

Dancing girl

I laugh as she flips her hair towards me

Her water bottle glimmers in the light

That is as bright as a sun

But what is the world becoming day by day

When they say we cannot inhabit an area together

We cannot use love to cure each other’s wounds

Of the years of oppression

Of the years of depression
Of the years of constricted fear bottled up in glass bottles

Whose own light is forced to the gutters 

Because no one can see their hope for a better life

No one can see them for who they are

All they see us as are demons in a world of angels 

All they care about is the money and the fame

And the care that they have thrust towards them at a speed of light no one has seen before

They don't even take a second to think about the fact that there are more stars in our sky 

Than humans in our world

And there are so many stars who have faded away from our light because no one

Even knows they are there

But who would want that to happen to an innocent soul 

To someone who wants to live so badly

But when life throws them in the trash

All they are able to see is the hate that is thrown at them from a moment away

Please, save a life

Save someone you don't even know

Because one day

You could be in their exact position 

And if you choose not to care about others

Why would you expect someone else to care too much about … you?