Apr 15
fiction challenge: Mountain
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The Mountain

Once there was a Mountain that had not been discovered by mankind. This mountain was at peace. The animals were so different from anything anyone had ever seen before. There were dragons that kept the mountain safe from intruders and at the top of the mountain lived mother nature. She kept the world at peace.

A  boy that lived in a village had a poor family and needed some money so he had a plan. He had heard of a myth about a mountain. It was said to have gems that were worth trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that they were mother nature's gems and he would pay a price for stealing them.

He started his journey and the myth said that it was as far as the arrow on the compass would go. He traveled through jungles and almost got robbed by monkeys. Oceans, where he was almost swallowed by a shark. In another village he was able to get some supplies and some rest. Then he found it, the Mountain.

He decided it would be a good idea if he walked around and tried to see the gems. After a few hours he found the gem cave. He walked in and started pocketing all of the gems when all of a sudden he saw what he saw was Mother Nature. Now to this day no one knows what happened to the boy.

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