Apr 15

open the box, pandora

Life doesn't go the way we want it to. 
It twists, sometimes, opens, unlocks, 
bubbles purple and simmers green and boils black, 
hungry monsters under the lid. 

But you know that, don't you? 
The gods made you perfect, made you flawless, 
made you the undoing of everything you loved. 
They blame you for what you opened, they blame your own nature. 
It is your fault, but you are not to blame. 

Open the box, Pandora, there is more than ill to humanity. 
There are horrors, always will be, but an unopened box helps no one. 
Maybe this one is different. Maybe this time, it'll go better. 
Don't you want to see? 

Open the box, Pandora.
Miracles are always possible.
Hope is always waiting.