Apr 15
fiction challenge: Time
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What Are You Waiting For?

Young and careless,
Wild and free,
The definition of teens.
Where our perspective interprets our experiences,
And therefore our outlook on life. 
To reach enlightenment and choose ignorance upon strangers’ judgments and
Form memories that capture the heights of surreal bliss.
Those memories where the people in them stay the same, even when they begin to change. 
Responsibilities are to be prioritized, the aging process advances onwards, and new goals are set in the minds of each individual.
Those we were close to at one point in our lives, will start trekking on new pathways while you begin yours.Communication will be lost.
Connections, to be strained.
And as we progress forward in life, we still have those carefree memories before adulthood became a reality. 

A lesson we learn throughout our youthful years is to get up, head out, and have fun.
The continuous mentioning of “you’re only young once” is deemed enough motivation with, “you only live once”, as an additional incentive to head out the door. 
Where time is viewed as both a gift and curse,
It’s without a doubt that it doesn’t stop for anyone. 
And when we begin to add distance away from our youth,
We can look back through the collective years. 
At the fond moments when we had the time of our lives.  

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