Apr 18
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Random Little Hopes

These are hopes I hope
When there's nothing I can hope 
That could solve any of my problems
But I still need something to hope for

I hope that there will be oyster crackers with lunch today
So that I can eat them on their own
Without the soup

I hope that the little nook in the library
Between the rack of movies and two of the bookshelves
Will be empty
So I can sit there 
And reread a book I’ve read thrice before

I hope in English class
We will write short stories
I won’t share mine with the class
I never do
But I will enjoy writing it

I hope when my sister and her friend come home on the bus
They don’t dawdle on the way home
And I don’t have too much homework 
So I can play with them
And pretend that I’m nine again

I hope that at dinner
I can open a fresh seltzer bottle
So that I can hear the pleasing fizzy sound 
Of a seltzer bottle opening

I hope that before bed 
My sister asks for an extra chapter
Of the book my mom's reading to her 
One of my old favorites
So that I can relive it

I hope that the next day
When I start all over again
I still have the energy 
To hope these random little hopes