Apr 27
fiction challenge: Goldfish
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Goldy? Bubbles? Sushi? Nemo? No, that’s the movie star fish right? Speaking of Nemo, wasn’t there a fish in it, umm, her name starts with D I believe. I’ll have to rewatch it again to find her name. I love her character though, if I remember anything it has to be her short memory. Although she isn’t a goldfish she represents us all around the world! It’s inspiring, but she has it pretty bad she forgets things in seconds, us goldfish forget things around every five months. I’ve been keeping track! I keep a rock behind my seaweed to write tallys, so far, I’m at 4 months and 28 days. My memory will fade completely in just a couple days. It’s quite demeaning to be honest, but I’ll understand when I see my rock again to change it out and start the days again. But I should not take the credit for this, it’s all cause my mama. She was a resilient one. She passed down these tricks to me before she died. Back then I knew my name, now I don’t know it, not even my moms name. The memories I keep aren’t the best, but at least I still have some. Others aren’t as lucky as me. Mama was the best, she could remember a lot for a goldfish and she was the one who created most of these ideas to help us goldfish. That’s where my memory ends, a few things about my mom, and the rest are tricks we practice all the time to remember how to do them once our memory resets. Now here I am searching my head for my name, I always felt mama or I left something behind for me, something with my name on it just so I could remember. Wait maybe I do know something! I’ve been to focused on what it is in my head that I didn’t think to actually check if I had my name written somewhere! Huh… Oh no… I messed up didn’t I, the date… My memory was wrong… It must… Be.. February…

Ah! Circles, circles, circles. I feel like I’ve done this before. Where am I? Where am I supposed to be? Who am I? Huh?! What’s the shiny rock down there? It’s kinda pretty, I should check it out! Hmm, this whole process is pretty familiar. I wonder why? What’s on the rock? Some tallys, numbers, month, wait a second! It’s all flooding back! I lived here with my mom, she passed away, I keep track of the days on my own to mark my memory reset, and I’m don’t know my name. Oh well, I’ll figure it out this next five months, but first I must set up a new calendar! I should get a new rock, but this one is pretty, so I guess I could see if there is anything I’ve already written on the back. There is something, it’s my name? Is this my name? It has to be! I must’ve left it so I wouldn’t forget about it! My name is… Pebbles.

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