Apr 27


there are days like a tangled ball of yarn 
where everything seems twisted, gnarled, 
doomed to never unravel. 

and that's alright. 

we're all messes, aren't we? 
beautiful disasters, chemical reactions in human skin. 
life wasn't made to be predictable, no matter what the prophesies say 
and things rarely go the way you want them. 

but look: you are here, aren't you? 
you are here, all of you 
disorder and chaos and disarray 
like entropy, a measure of randomness 
leaving the universe an unsolved riddle. 

the universe is not kind enough to make sense. 

but this is our Wonderland, whimsy and unreality, 
so let sense be nonsense, for that is you, 
is it not? 

let us be messy. 
it is the way we were designed.