Apr 28
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On Vacation my brother and I stayed at my mom’s house because my dad was busy. My dad came over and we went down to the river. My brothers and I went in the river.

 The river is really cold. The water was going really fast where I fell in. Then my brothers, my dad and I threw rocks in the river. Then we went back to my house. When my brothers and I were running up to the house my cat followed us.  After my brother passed me, I kept running and my cat was chasing me.  Afterwards, we ate some food. Then  we played and went for a walk. 

The next day my brother and I went to our dad’s. When we got there I played on my hoverboard and my brother played with his skateboard. Then we went to a  park. Afterwards I opened my birthday presents that I got from  my aunt that lives far away.   I got two new bags and in the bags there was a notebook and pens. The colors of the pens were pink, blue, green, purple and orange. Then I got  a new shirt and a new dress. I also got a new phone case. I had the best  vacation ever with my  family.

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