May 02

sky dazzling star

new stars and old stars are like fine wine
the older it is in the cellar of space
the more divine

when you look into a star
you are looking into the eyes of a dog
blackness and nothingness surrounding the special brownness in the iris
fading into the vicinity 
appearing a shade of a hershey’s chocolate bar

if a fallen star appeared at my doorstep 
it would shimmer and shine
forcing me to put on my sunglasses and hands up high

it would taste like the scrumptious lemon tart my sister makes
with all of its lemony heavenly desires in the middle
the crust tasting like cupcake batter

smelling like the lavender oil in the shower
the sunflowers in the plug-in air freshener
the vanilla candle in the sunroom
the yellowness

touching it has the feel of a smooth glossy samsung
gripping it has the texture of a green beanbag cushion
sensing its energy 
full of calm emotions
stars don’t have an ego because they possess humility
they are forever in flow state

if it could sing
it would sing “we are the champion” 
because stars are the ruler of the world

Event Date: 
Monday, May 2, 2022