May 02
fiction challenge: Goldfish
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Adventures With Fishy

 As I tread through the water, I don't know how long I've been at this. I’ve been told there was a divine area that contains the remnants of an ancient relic that is able to allow anyone who welds it to explore the outer plains at the end of this place. There’s always a bright light beaming at me, it kinda hurts my eyes too. And it's loud buzzing must be less audible than preferred for my taste. Although with the drobing pains these luminescent rays give me, I move on, like a big fish. Yeah, like a big fish.

Suddenly, I spot some strange brown kind of rock shaped things descending from the heavens,

What an odd sight, I wonder what these floaty thingies are…Hmmm, not bad, not bad at all. 

I never would have thought that eating things from the heavens would taste so good. From the corner of my eyes, a sighting I have yet to see before. I quickly beam towards this new discovery,

What is this? Woah, someone that looks exactly like me, and moves like me?

I try to swim closer to this peculiar friend, but some invisible force field has seemed to protect my new friend. It’s not everyday that you see a potential buddy. 

Sorry bud, I’ll help you once I get to that cool ancient relic. I'll definitely bust you out of your prison.

Oddly enough, some weird pellet-y things started to rain from the heavens,

Never saw this before, must be something new over here.

I steadily swim towards this peculiar specimen and take a small nibble out of it.

How delicious! How have I never seen this before?

What a wonderful start to my journey. I’ve always been told about the ancient relic that lays at the end of these plains. The ends seem to have gotten closer, and closer, and closer. The more I swam, the closer I got, and the closer I was to get that relic and finally explore the secrets of the outer plains. Oh I'm just getting butterflies thinking about it.

What are butterflies? Oooo, what a spectacular form of greenery.

Emerald greens leaves and the flowy waves of seaweed was a beautiful display, magnificent even. I wish I could stay longer, but at last, I cannot. I must find this relic, with minimal distractions. Gladly enough, our end was near, so I can see my friend again.

Oh what a special moment this is- Oh dear.

I’m now faced with some kind of tight fitting cave. I know I didn't make myself the most agile fish around but, maybe this’ll be not so bad. 

My body pushes and, at least tries, to squeeze between these caverns, and with a sudden pop (some not very wanted issue.) I think I've gotten through.  

Oh the end is so close I can smell it…

Should've paid more attention to where I was swimming in the first place,

Ow, that’s why they say to pay attention…

Ramming my self face first on the weird invisible force field was definitely not the plan.

I managed to finally make it, but where is the relic? I swim around the area, only finding gravel, and rocks, maybe a bit of algae too. But no relics. I ponder how this could be, they said it was here, but why wasn’t it? 

Hmmm…..What am I doing here?

I’m supposed to be leaving by now.

I’ve been told there was an ancient relic that rest upon the other side of this place. I heard that it can allow someone to be able to step out to the outside world. How cool is that?

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