May 02
fiction challenge: Goldfish
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The dreadful life as a goldfish

I swim around and around and around. Never knowing where I’m going and quite sure where I have been. Life as a goldfish is dull and humdrum, I would never recommend it. You only get fed when the giants remember you are there and other than feeding time there is nothing to do. The world outside is all hazy and gross from little kids' sticky fingers touching the glass. I am invisible to everyone most of the time, it is a lonely life as a goldfish. I wish I had a friend, and at one point I did but they didn’t last long here. The water is murky and the food is almost always dry and overly crunchy. I just that when I die I don’t have to be flushed down the elevator to hell. Most people must think that my life is serene and fulfilling but they are wrong. In this cage I’m just waiting for my death to come, it is the only relief I will ever get in my life. I am unappreciated and half the time unloved. I am a people's starter pack for a life with a pet. I am nothing but a bump in the road to peoples pathways to owning a pet. I am not remember and most of the time they forget I even existed just days after they flushed me down the elevator to hell. I just wish I could be a dog or even a hamster and that’s low. I think my life is coming to an end. My water is green and they are not feeding me. I just wish I could die sooner. The life as a goldfish is dreadful and I can’t wait for it to be over.


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