May 02
fiction challenge: Goldfish
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How The Mighty Fall

They picked me up from the tank, and plop! I was slammed into the water, and everything became so blank and blissful. 

    Where am I? Everything is clear... and now it’s not. I do a little twirl, but stop. What did I just do now? I zip around the place, but I slam my head once more on the walls of my confines. I cannot remember anything. Although I am quaint, a little reflection of myself reveals pretty orange scales, and marvelous—Oh, now I cannot remember what I had just said! 

    I go from the opposite to the opposite, or was it from left to right? The waves in my confines grow larger and more unforgiving, and… oh. What was going on? I think I am drifting. Or am I thirsty? Do I get thirsty? Two big blinking blue eyes stare at me, and then everything just starts shaking. I haven’t really experienced what my brethren called an earthquake, but certainly this does count as one, right? 

Oh. Through a hazed mind, I cannot remember. Big colorful, bright signs look at me. And now where am I? A big yellow ball is scorching through my body? What am I now? It’s just sweltering out here in this mighty fine world.

Oh bloody hell, now what’s going on? Something gets worse—what is it?! I cannot focus well, but now it’s very gray, and my vision is even worse! 

The way I am most certainly being manhandled is disgusting. But what does manhandling even mean? Am I even a man? What am I? The reflection of the bright clear pane tells me that I have fins. I swish those fins, and I lurch forward. What was I saying again? 

Another leap, and I am thrown in a loop, as suddenly I am flung toward something gray and sharp. Pop! The bright light engulfs me, and I am left hopping around aimlessly, with not one hope of getting wet once more! But now… what was I doing again? The rays of the hot sun are quite nice. It’ll give me a good tan! 

Oh wait. Am I dying? This makes me flop around more. I do not wish to die! Whatever shall I do, if I am left for dead on the ground! I like fish jerky. I am dry. Is water wet? My mind is blissful and blank, and slowly, but surely, my eyes drift up to the sun, as it burns away my sight, turning everything to white. What was I doing again?


    Mr. and Mrs. Frank stare at the dead goldfish on their driveway, then back to their wailing child. In the child’s excitement, he lost his grip on the poor fish and had flung it onto the concrete, where the plastic bag holding it had burst. It wasn’t a problem for them. They didn’t really want a fish that their child would eventually forget. Besides, they don’t have the resources for even keeping a fish! Mr. Frank decided to scoop the fish up, and wrap it in a discarded churro wrapper. 

    “It’s alright Charlie,” Mrs. Frank said consolingly, wiping Charlie’s snot and tears away with a handkerchief. “We’ll give the fish a nice burial.”

    This turned out to be flushing the fish down the toilet. Charlie Frank eagerly pushed the lever down, and watched with a feral sense of excitement as it twirled down into the drain. 

    Guess we can’t have everything we want, huh? 
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