May 03
poem challenge: Roe v. Wade

My Body, My Choice

You do not have a right
to anything on this flesh-colored landscape
of sheer beauty 
that is my body.
I have worked so hard
to learn to love myself
to learn how to be okay with my body
to learn that I am beautiful in my own way;
not in the way where
I have a slim waist
              perfectly straight hair
              heart-shaped lips that anyone would want to kiss
because isn't that what beauty is-
packaged perfection that expires
once you get ahold of it?
I love every inch of myself
I claim every inch of myself as my own
and no one else's.

I am not a plastic doll
I am not meant to be used as a toy
I am not going to be a jar of porcelain to anyone-
beautiful to look at,
fragile to the touch, 
doesn't do too much
other than stay silent and 
let others gawk and talk about 
as if it's not there. 

I have a right to myself
I should have a right to myself 
and yet
you are taking away every sliver of control
I can attempt to grasp and hold on to. 
It is my choice 
It should always be my choice
because what goes on inside my body
should be within my control
and no one else's.

It's my fucking body.

Get your hands off it
and let me make a choice 
that doesn't impact you
but in fact
impacts me
because I want this choice
I deserve this choice
even if you say I don't, 
I do.

I know I do. 

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2022