May 04


There is an "us" in ut-er-us
But the "us" is not for you
There's no room in my womb for an old white man,
For the one percent, for the few.

"E pluribus unum!" is our cry
Although the few seem to get to make the choice
As to whether we have the right to choose
As to whether we get a voice.

And who is this we who I'm speaking for
Who is the "us" in the name?
We are the people of the future, the past
We are the lonesome, the shamed.

We are the ones who couldn't or wouldn't
Or simply did not want
To carry a child to term, to give birth
In this room, we're the elephant.

And although I've never gone into
A Planned Parenthood and feared
The rows of protestors outside and felt
The terror as the time drew near,
I am one
And we are one
Yes, we are one and the same
And we will not sit in silence as you
Forget our cry, our names.
Event Date: 
Thursday, May 5, 2022