May 11
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Silver Goose

Relatively recently, I have discovered that Gettysburg is one of my favorite places, in general, despite being so close to home. It is still novel to me, and despite being home to less than 8,000 people, there are plenty of things I have yet to do. There are restaurants that I like, fun stores in the somewhat touristy area, of course, the battlefield. Despite that, the main reason I like to go there so much is because that's where my favorite coin store is. It seems that every dollar I've ever made working a summer job has gone to that store, but it is well deserved. The owners are great, and they helped introduce me to a passion which is still going strong 2 years later. That store is incredible. Just about any coin the country has ever made all in one place. I could spend hours there, and it feels like I do when I am there. I wish I could every time. With this hobby (slight obsession), Asking for birthday gifts has become incredibly easy, which used to be something that was difficult for me to do. I just put some coins that I haven't been able to get yet, and put them on a list so I can hopefully get some of them come Christmas/birthday time. My favorite thing that I have received in this manner is a coin from Canada which I had been hoping for for a long time because of how incredible it is, both in terms of the craftsmanship, and the subject matter.  
Instead of a maple leaf, which is on the one ounce Canadian silver coin, there is a goose. I don’t know why, but I thought, and still think it is funny. It is the closest I can get to a Canadian goose without getting viciously attacked. As I grabbed it out of the bag, I knew exactly what it was. A thick, heavy silver coin feels very distinct. One of my favorite things is pulling silver out of a present bag and knowing what it is immediately. This has happened numerous times, and it never gets old. I look forward to hopefully having somebody to give to, rather than receive from. This may not be an unrealistic goal. 
Recently, I learned that my father and his brother used to do the exact same thing I do, and spend their cash on silver bullion. Thinking that it was a bit of an odd hobby, I was excited to hear this.
Through these trips and talking with my dad about his silver buying revealed to me that despite a 30+ year gap, we are very similar. We both like american history, although that may be his passion transferring to me, we both appreciate shiny white metal, and investing in it, and also a love of animals. I count six dogs, two reptiles, and countless fish he has had in his life. For months in quarantine, him, my sister, and myself were campaigning for a dog. It took him being on our side to make it happen. I don’t think he would mind a goose. 
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