May 16
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Soldiers That Fight

There are a lot of soldiers out there that fight for our country and they don’t just fight for the U.S.A. There are other soldiers that fight for their country. Some legendary soldiers are Alvin York and Henry Jhonson. You might not know these legendary soldiers but I know what they did.

    Soldiers are the people that fight for us. They fight for mothers and fathers who love their families. They fight for people that don’t have homes and just regular people that live their lives normally each day.The soldiers are people that pray to live each night, each morning and every day. They don’t expect to go to the military one day and then come back the other. They expect to be there for months and even years.

    You might be home at any time braiding your friend's hair or playing around with your friend. Little do you know our military is sacrificing their lives for ours. You might be asking why they sacrifice their lives for ours. Well it's because they want to respect their country. They serve our country whether we are nice or not. 

You don’t have to go into the military and be a soldier to show that you respect our country. There's many other things you can do like clean up on Green Up day, but that's for a healthy world you might be thinking. 

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