May 16
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Splattered With Personality

I stare at my palm where a seed has been placed.  My friend, a genius in plants, gave it to me right before she left forever.  She had said, “Eliana, I have been researching for weeks, and tried to manipulate the DNA of the seed to create something that reflects your best qualities.  So please, plant it.  I made it specially so that it grows quickly.”

    “Okay,” I had whispered, as tears streamed down my face.  So now, here I am.  Following her request, and planting the seed.  

    I shove my shovel into the dark earthy dirt, again and again, until there is a fist sized hole. I gently press the seed into the ground, and push the mound of soil back over the seed.   It’s almost like burying up my friend and my memory of her.  A few more tears push their way through my lids, and stream down my cheeks.  I push myself up with my hands, and begin to walk away.  I’ll check on the seed in the morning.

    When I’m halfway back inside, I hear a slight pop coming from the direction of where I had just been.  I spin around, and I am in so much awe, I can’t breathe.  The tree, the one I had just placed in the ground, had already sprouted!  And it was still growing!  Light bark that matches my skin covered branches that bravely fan out.  Bright yellow leaves that remind me of energy and enthusiasm drip off the leaves.  Sweet looking pink berries that remind me of kindness are peppered through the leaves, along with hearty white flowers that look like they have been splattered with paint and creativity.  The tree really did reflect a bit of my personality, and a lot of my friends' boldness and knowledge.  The tree was perfect.  It would always remind me of her.  When I planted it, I may have thought I was covering up my friend, but I was really just opening up even more about her.