May 16
poem challenge: Car
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green and red

rain sticking to my face
the cold wind howling an angry wail
a fumbling of my phone
a flyaway umbrella
led up to this exact moment

you pulled up 
in your old, green car 
and gave me that same look 
you used to give me so many years ago

i think
you haven’t changed
that same hand-me down green car
jubilee, that was it’s name

i need you
i said
you shook your head
i don’t need you anymore

it was my fault
the night was clear
the night of a thousand lies
wrapped up in a red tablecloth

the arrow of eros i still hold dear
i can’t let go of it
the curse of what they call love is true
but i knew not of the bitter truths, only the sweet lies

i still recall
cherry lips
the forbidden pomegranate 
given to me
like persephone, 
i took a few bites of 
that fated pomegranate 

the weeks after
i had a bad feeling
of rotten tomatoes
and of red hot blood 
gushing from my mouth
a razor but a toothbrush
a toothbrush but a sewing needle
a stitch on my mouth

you welcomed me home that night
i smelled
i don’t know why you didn't know
i reeked of lies and lust 

you had your own desires
the passion in your eyes
the reason why i fell for you
but only empty promises lie about me

i need you
you whispered later that night
a tangle of blankets, a tangle of lies
i don’t need you
i thought. 
you fell for my traitorous deceit 
my intricate web of lies

before, you were a beauty untold
like aphrodite
then? you were a burden on me
i wished for more
i craved for more

you could not give more
i had taken all
sucked everything out of you 
the sweet honey
the loving caress
the soft glow of the candlelight
i took it all from you and left nothing 

i brought it back to them
the queen of the hive
i thought i was special
oh how wrong i was

i fell for their lies like you had mine
the intricate web of lies
the crafty spinstress 
falls for athena’s trap 
yet again

i flew to close to the sun
i am icarus 
they were the sun
you were daedalus 
warning me not to get too close 

in the rain i stand
you stared at me
i flung you out of our mount olympus
like the great hera did to poor, young hephaestus 
but now?
i need you
i know that i was wrong

you laughed
that old green car looked cleaner in the rain
i’m not falling for that one again

alone again
in the rain
no umbrella
no phone
just a nameless face in the dead 
in vast asphodel
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