May 17
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Walking Backwards

            always between cigarette smoke & the copper twang 
            of blood. pulling out teeth because you liked the taste--the way
            you knew it all owned you to the bone.

The fact is you
were once a person but
now a child--you once
knew how to live, but forgot.

            you knew yourself too well and never any at all. playing music
            to your own twisting heartbeat but never stopping to wonder
            what that meant. we just take it all & find a way through.

Plunging into 
your own open mouth
and the wants that
followed you.

            if only you knew then that you never had to give yourself 
            to the back alleys & crossroads (to the shortcuts). if only i had
            told you then that the tears were sweeter than the blood.

But you are a child
& there is no shame
in that--time played
a cruel trick & we
all walk again.